Don’t burn leaves in your yard after 2 p.m. or fire chief will be called, says Magnolia mayor : KZHE News Blog
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Don’t burn leaves in your yard after 2 p.m. or fire chief will be called, says Magnolia mayor

by J.D. Bailey on 12/28/21

With calls to the city offices piling up over yard burning violations, Magnolia Mayor Parnell Vann on Monday stated that he has ‘no choice' but to enforce the local burning laws on the books from now on.

By city ordinance, any resident in Magnolia can only burn leaves or other yard clutter from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. Once the burning window has expired, yard fires must be extinguished, and no new burns can occur until the next day.

“When the public calls, and they can’t enjoy their outside time because of the smoke, I’ve got say something,” he said this week while addressing the public.

The rules on the books were designed as common courtesy and anti-nuisance measures for the citizens of Magnolia, according to the mayor.

“There is a city ordinance,” Vann said. “And I have to uphold that ordinance.”

The best method to dispose of excess leaves, according to Vann, includes placing all yard waste into industrial garbage bags for local solid waste pickup, but he noted on Monday that he understands this method is not always possible. The city leader also asked that residents refrain from blowing their leaves and yard clippings into city roadways.

“We’d prefer you to black bag (the leaves) and put them out by the curb,” he said. “We’d prefer you to not blow them out in the street like you do.”

Anyone caught burning fires on their Magnolia property after the allotted eight-hour daily burn period will be visited by local emergency officials, according to the mayor.

“Please get your fires out by 2 p.m., or you will be seeing the fire chief,” Vann added.

The mayor did not disclose if any citations or fines are contained in the city law, but he wished it to be known that the rules cannot be ignored.

“I will instruct (Magnolia Fire Department) Chief Pinner next week to begin making the rounds,” he said.

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